For Sports professionals:

Can I use SportJobbys for free?

Yes, SportJobbys is for free for coaches who are searching to be part of our community.

Why do I need to register?

You need to register to use all the features in the website. Besides that we are building a sport community where personal interaction is very import. So register Here!

When will I receive an answer on my application?

We inform the employers that they will have to respond within 3 days. If the organization you are applying for hasn’t responded to you in time Let us know and we will give them a ring. Afterwards you will receive an update on you job application. See all jobs here.

How can I write a blog?

If you are interested in writing a blog, that’s fantastic! Get in touch with us through: team@sportjobbys.com.

Does SportJobbys have a community?

We have an online community on WeChat. In this community different types of coaches discuss all kind of sport related topics. Feel free to join us.

Can I use SportJobbys on my phone?

Ofcourse! The SportJobbys platform works on every device.

Can I sell my services/products on the platform?

Not yet! SportJobbys will be offering different kinds of services in the future. Are you interested in working together with SportJobbs by, for example selling your products or services to other platform users? Sent us an email at recruitment@sportjobbys.com

For employers:

Is SportJobbys free for businesses?

SportJobbys has different plans for businesses. You can find them on the home page. Check there to see which plan is suitable for your needs.

I am an agent looking for coaches to represent, can I use SportJobbys?

Yes, choose the plan most suitable for your needs. You can write a job description for the coach you want to represent or sent inmails into our CV database.

Can I change my plan?

You can always move from a lower tier to a higher, but not the other way around. You will have to wait until the end of the plan duration in order to use to a lower tier or create a new account. Be sure to select the the right plan!

How many people can use a company account?

You can share your account within your company. If you need a custom package for your company feel free to contact us at recruitment@sportjobbys.com 

Can we receive notifications from potential candidates?

Yes, you can leave the criteria you are searching for in a coach and a Job Alert will be send to your email when a resume is uploaded.

How does SportJobbys find the right candidates?

Our community has been ever growing since we started a couple of years ago and besides that, we are using multiple marketing tools to reach our audience online. 

How do I post a job?

After you created an account and selected the right plan for you, you can post a job here.

General support

I can’t find my job anymore?

This might be due to the fact that it has expired. In some cases we will remove the job because it is inappropriate. This is highly unlikely. If these reason do not apply to you, send us an email at: Team@sportjobbys.com

There is a error when logging in, what can I do?

Send us an email at: team@sportjobbys.com or send a message to our social media pages. We will try to resolve it as soon as possible for you!

My account got blocked, what now?

This might be because the you reached the login limit or your account got blocked by us because of behaviour that isn’t accepted on our platform. email us for more questions: recruitment@sportjobbys.com

I forgot my password, what should I do?

You can request a new password at the login page. Be aware though, the maximum of login attempts is 5. After reaching this limit your account will be blocked for 1 hour.

Where can I contact SportJobbys for other questions?

Reach out to us on Social media or through the email: team@sportjobbys.com