SportJobbys is created for western sports professionals and Chinese parties. We are creating the ideal environment in which they can find each other.

Why does SportJobbys exist?

SportJobbys started out as a recruitment bureau for Chinese companies and schools that are in the need of foreign sports professionals such as, coaches, trainers and PE teachers. These two parties often struggle finding each other. SportJobbys wanted to become the bridge between them.

We helped both parties finding each other but we noticed that SportJobbys wasn’t creating enough value. This is why SportJobbys is building a platform on which the western and Chinese side can freely communicate without anyone between them.

Who are the people behind SportJobbys?

The founders of SportJobbys are two friends and former teammates who have experienced how the market for sport-related jobs is growing worldwide. Together they worked on a plan that eventually led to the creation of SportJobbys! The founders, Nathan Bosanga and Max de Klerk, are both born and raised in the Netherlands. They met each other on the basketball courts early in their lives. Knowing how they can rely on each other on the court, the idea came to mind to create SportJobbys together.

As of this moment, our team consists of three members. Next to the founders of SportJobbys, we have Jeremy Cheung, he is our Chinese native and sales manager in China.

What can you expect from SportJobbys?

We approach our work with a no-nonsense mentality. Clear communication is for us key to having successful cooperation’s between the job searcher and the provider. We think that being transparent with the people you work with is important because it will provide a base for what you can expect from each other in the future.

So are you searching for the short or long term? Just finished studying or thinking about a career switch? SportJobbys can provide an option for you!

Any questions or remarks about SportJobbys? You can contact us at: recruitment@sportjobbys.com

The team

Max de Klerk – Co-founder

Sports interested me since I was young. When Nathan reached out to me about this idea of creating a recruitment agency for sport-related jobs, I got enthusiastic and it intrigued me, so we worked it out and eventually created SportJobbys! As of this moment, I am studying international communication and media in Utrecht. Combining the study and SportJobbys is a challenge, but experiencing the importance and the enjoyment I get from both makes it worthwhile!

Nathan Bosanga – Co-founder

Sports has always been a passion of mine. Starting from playing football as a small kid to playing basketball as a teenager.

With my partner (Max) we saw a gap in the market for sports-related jobs. Concluding a lack of transparency for sporters that want to find a new adventure, we founded SportJobbys. The place for a new job in sports.

Jeremy Cheung – Business development China

Jeremy studied sports management in China. He also played basketball since he was young. These aspects have been of great value since he joined the company. Because of his network in of Chinese market, SportJobbys has been able to discover interesting insights. He joined SportJobbys in 2019.

We want to create something that is going to impact you positively. Any remarks about Sportjobbys? Feel free to contact us on Linkedin and Facebook!

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Note: from the SportJobbys team

Due to the serious situation surrounding the coronavirus.
SportJobbys has decided to shut down all activities related to providing sport related job in China.
Our goal has always been to form a community where all parties can do something for each other.

Until the epidemic has been contained, we would like to use our network to keep everyone in the community informed about the international developments of the virus.

Feel free to subscribe to our daily newsletter. We will be informing everyone on the latest (sport) news surrounding this tragic situation.

Keep Strong! Keep Fit! Stay Healthy.


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